Tuesday, May 15, 2007

That Damn Tera!!!

I was tagged by Tera. So being the good sport that I am, here we go...

The meme:
1. Add a direct link to your post below the name of the person who tagged you. Include the city/state and country you’re in.

Nicole (Sydney, Australia)
velverse (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
LB (San Giovanni in Marignano, Italy)
Selba (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Olivia (London, England)
ML (Utah, USA)
Lotus (Toronto, Canada)
tanabata (Saitama, Japan)
Andi (Dallas [ish], Texas, United States)
Todd (Louisville, Kentucky, United States)
miss kendra (los angeles, california, u.s.a)
Jiggs Casey (Berkeley, CA, USA! USA! USA!)
Tits McGee (New England, USA)
Kat (Ontario, Canada)
Cheezy (London, England)
Paula (Orange County, California, U.S.)
Jeff (Colorado, USA)
Fringes (around Houston, US)
Tera (Somewhere In KY by way of OH, USA)
Nina (Cleveland Area, OH, USA)

***I'm not adding links to everyone on this list, that seems to be a lot of work. If there is an easy way to do it, I don't have a clue as to what that way is. Sorry.

2.List your top 5 local eating places.

1.El Carreton (they don't have a website) is the greatest for Mexican food. Plus the waiters drink beers while they think no one is looking so I think they're cool.
2.The Cheesecake Factory is great for people like me who don't know exactly what they feel like eating before they go out. Their menu is enormous and there is something for everyone.
3.Applebee's has the best happy hour. All the appetizers are half off. The downside is that I often run into my students after I've had too many glasses of wine.
4.For special occasions I like Chez Francois. Great service, award winning wine lists and the food is to die for.
5.Basil's is my hands down favorite for good 'ol fashion bar food. (if you visit this site you'll find a picture of me...bonus points if you can guess who I am)

3. Tag 5 other people (preferably from other countries/states) and let them know they’ve been tagged.

4.Induced Homomorphism


fringes said...

Cut and paste the entire list of participants and their links should be included. It looks like you copied the list, though. Hmmm...

Thanks for participating!

mist1 said...

Hmmmm...I have never posted a meme to my blog. Can I play along here, or is that cheating?

First, I would like to admit that I don't always eat. Sometimes, drinking gets in the way. The following are my five favorite watering holes in my city in the Dirty South:

1. My house
2. Lisa's house
3. One Midtown Kitchen
4. The Sundial
5. Trackside (dive bar)

I hope this isn't too much of a cop-out. How were you supposed to know that I prefer liquor to actual food?

Nicole Tan said...

Woo nice post...i love cheesecake!! so I want to go cheesecake factory...

is it possible you atleast put my link and velverse link on your list? both of us are keeping a list of past players and is quite hard to track if our link is taken out...thanks

Ps thanks for doing the tag. If you know of anyone else doing it please feel free to send me a message and I’ll update them too on the updated list of tag doers

KAYLEE said...

I love the cheescake factory and applebee's YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

velverse said...

Wow.. the cheesecake factory have been mention a few times by others. I guess it must be a really good place.

btw, I think if you just cut and paste the list, you should be able to copy the entire thing with links in it :)

Thanks for doing the tag. Keep us updated :)

Tera said...

Nina first off, I should be shot!!! HOW ON EARTH could I forget Basil's and all of it's wonderfulness, and Fringe, the owners are Greek, so you can get a nice Gyro or Shis-ka-bob in there!

And tsk tsk tsk...that's why I didn't tag Mist1...especially since her post about the cell phone where she spoke of cutting out those frivilous things in her life in order to continue her cell phone plan, and FOOD was at the top of the list!!! LOL! "Drinking gets in the way..." She cracks me up!

Lastly, I NEVER knew about that picture!!! That is much too exciting...uh, and that was you a while ago! He he! It's also nice to see Chris and everybody, and that snapshot of their spot just FEET away from the house I grew up in!!! AWESOME!

Thanks for being a sport Nina! :)

rey said...

OMG - our pic is still on their website after all these years. And I'll be damned...we are toasty and it's daylight out! hee hee! Sounds like something we should do on Memorial Day weekend!!

Nina said...

Fringes~I soooo copied that list. I guess I just didn't do it corretly :)

Mist1~yes, you cheated!

Nicole~consider it done :)

Kaylee~thanks for stopping by!

Velverse~where was everyone when I was doing this thing?!?!

Tera~I wondered why that wasn't on your list...you haven't been gone THAT long!!

Rey~Too funny!!

mist1 said...

It may or may not be the first time I've cheated. Let's not talk about it.